February 03, 2014 | From the Field | Arlette Sambs | Views: 653

Technology Takeover

Embrace 'techie' tools to make your job easier

Technology Takeover

Today’s younger generation is very “techie.” They rely heavily on their smart phones — they can find any information with Google.

February 03, 2014 | From the Field | Arlette Sambs | Views: 414

Proudly Serving You

Reflections on agriculture's contribution to the world

Proudly Serving You

Last month I attended the 2012 IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference in Altoona, IA. The conference brought together the entire interconnected agriculture sector — including large grain and livestock producers — for three days of cutting-edge education, exhibits and networking....[Read More]

February 03, 2014 | From the Field | Arlette Sambs | Views: 429

Information Evolution

How we've evolved our content, delivery options

Information Evolution

Welcome to our October/November issue! Thank you for investing time during this busy season to pick up, page through and read Feed & Grain magazine

January 30, 2014 | From the Field | Arlette Sambs | Views: 405

Roots Run Deep

Getting back to an “aggie” home.

Roots Run Deep

The farm on which I grew up has changed hands — probably more than once — since my parents passed away. My brother worked the land for a while, but the era of small dairy and hog farms with 120 acres of corn and alfalfa is a few decades behind us.

August 05, 2013 | From the Field | Elise Schafer | Views: 251

Turning a Page

Feed & Grain is sold to American Farm Bureau Federation.

Feed & Grain has a new home. We’re now very proud to be part of a significant entity serving American agriculture — the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Few can appreciate managing change like you, our loyal Feed & Grain readers. In the more than two decades spent in the industry, I’ve...

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July 23, 2013 | From the Field | Elise Schafer | Views: 278

Technology as a Service

Spotting a trend within the ag retail sector

Technology as a Service

At the recent Interconnectivity Conference, held June 26 and 27 in Altoona, IA, several important themes were discussed that will directly impact your business. While I am sure many of you are aware of these trends and needs, there were a few key aspects that need to be tied together.

...[Read More]
March 25, 2013 | From the Field | Elise Schafer | Views: 284

Bright Spots and Low Lights

Panama Canal expansion bodes well for U.S. grain, while weather, aging infrastructure holds us back

After attending presentations at the 2013 GEAPS Exchange, three elements stood out that I’d like to tie together for you to think about:

  1. Weather woes will continue

Dr. Elwynn Taylor from Iowa State University made some projections about our current drought situation. Here’s my take:...

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February 25, 2013 | From the Field | Jackie Roembke | Views: 216

Dispatches From the GEAPS Exchange

29 years of perspective

Dispatches From the GEAPS Exchange

GEAPS is, and rightfully so, proud of it’s 2013 Exchange in Louisville this week, pointing out that it’s the largest event ever. This is my 29th GEAPS. After 29 years we’re supposed to have earned and learned from great experiences, which gives us the right to provide a bit of perspective....

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December 19, 2012 | From the Field | Jackie Roembke | Views: 199

Time For A Break

Stepping back allows you to put things into perspective

A friend of mine can quote just about every line from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and, I think, give a full description of at least four versions of “A Christmas Carol.” While I can’t do that, I have to admit, I do enjoy this time of year.

Yes, we’re tying up all the loose ends of one fiscal...

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November 20, 2012 | From the Field | Jackie Roembke | Views: 224

Biological Manufacturing?

Keeping tabs on the practices of today’s most progressive commercial producers

Last June at the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Michael Boehlje, a well-known and well-respected ag economist from Purdue University. Dr. Boehlje, while well aware of today’s production agriculture, also looks into the future, focusing his work on...

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I’ll say it right up front: If we lose your attention — we’re toast. 

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