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September 14, 2018 | Grain Hedge Insights | Kevin McNew | Views: 332

African Swine Fever Outbreak Confirmed in Belgium

ASF has caused the death of several wild boar in Belgium near French border

African Swine Fever Outbreak Confirmed in Belgium

Trump Administration Extends Invitation for Trade Talks With China

US Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin has offered an invitation to Chinese trade officials to discuss trade between the two countries and seek a solution to the escalating Trade War. The invitation was directed towards Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, a trusted economic advisor to President Xi Jinping. Currently, the Trump Administration is finalizing the list of $200 billion of Chinese goods that will face 10-25% tariffs and will be enacted over the coming days. President Trump took to Twitter, saying that the US is under no pressure to meet with China and that it is in fact the Chinese that wish to broker a deal as quickly as possible.

African Swine Fever Outbreak Confirmed In Wild Boar In Belgium

African Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported to have caused the death of several wild boar in an area of Belgium near the French border. This marks the first confirmed case of the virus in Belgium since 1985. ASF was also recently confirmed in hog herds in Eastern Europe, most notably in Romania, where hundreds of thousands of hogs have been culled. Following the outbreak in Belgium, French authorities are taking additional precautions to quarantine hog farms and slaughter facilities. The EU is the world’s 2nd largest producer of pork and the largest exporter. Countries like Germany, Denmark, France, and Spain represent a majority of hog production. The spread of ASF from China to Europe has scientists concerned that the virus has “reached pandemic proportions”.

Hurricane Florence Hammers Carolinas as Storm Surge Grows

Hurricane Florence has made landfall in North Carolina, bringing 90 mph winds and up to 8 inches of rain this morning alone. The storm is slowing its progress inward over land, which has caused the storm surge to worsen, reaching 2 feet in some areas of North and South Carolina. The National Weather Service warns that winds may increase up to 110 mph and that the storm surge and flash flooding in low lying areas may make the situation on the ground “devastating to catastrophic”.


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