March 23, 2011 | Editor's View | Jackie Roembke | Views: 2208

Feed & Grain Turns 50

When Feed, Grain and Farm Equipment published its first issue in 1961, the world was a very different place. John F. Kennedy was in the thick of the Civil Rights movement. Mainframe computer systems took up entire floors of office buildings and held less memory than a common Flash...

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January 24, 2011 | Editor's View | Jackie Roembke | Views: 2273

Attitude Impacts Efficiency

Among the many thought-provoking educational sessions at the International Feed Expo, Leland McKinney's presentation "Energy Conservation Tips for Your Feed Mill" stood out above the rest. While McKinney, an associate professor of grain science and industry at Kansas State, offered up very...

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January 09, 2011 | Editor's View | | Views: 2329

The Tide Also Rises

Capitalizing on agriculture

Happy 2011! As we all gladly welcome this new year of opportunity, we as an industry have to be cognizant of political and market trends — both domestically and abroad — to be able to capitalize on and maintain agriculture’s momentum.

In early December I attended my first National Feed &...

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October 22, 2010 | Editor's View | Jackie Roembke | Views: 2156

Seize the day, plan for tomorrow

Utilize equipment, technology to position your company for future success

Showcase 2011 marks two milestones: The beginning of a new year of opportunities and Feed & Grain's 50th anniversary. Over the course of our tenure many innovations have graced the pages of this magazine — and many of you have been with us along the way. For this, many thanks and a promise...

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September 27, 2010 | Editor's View | Jackie Roembke | Views: 2014

Happy Customers Spur Long-Term Success

Excellent customer service requires more than a thank you and a smile. It’s about meeting — and often times, exceeding — expectations before, during and after a transaction. Unfortunately, the rise of technology and innovation has fostered a drive-thru mentality in many of our daily...

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May 24, 2010 | Editor's View | Jackie Roembke | Views: 2331

Challenge Convention

Supervisors and managers may be reluctant to introduce new ideas for fear of backlash

While driving through the empty expanses of Central Illinois, returning to Wisconsin after my visit to Griggsville, IL-based JBS United, Inc., I found the inspiration for this column. Tuned into National Public Radio, the guest speaker noted a Russian proverb: “The tallest stalk of wheat is...

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